Focused Youth

Fun • Open • Caring • Unique • Servants • Encouraging • Dedicated

Ken Hinman, Youth Pastor:
Hector Vasquez, Youth Intern

Focused Youth Ministries is for students currently in 7th-12th grades and is guided by the following values and purpose...

Understanding that we are unable to do anything without God's help, Focused Youth Ministries will humbly and prayerfully seek God's grace, wisdom, and guidance through the power of the Holy Spirit, as we practice the following principles together for Christ's sake.


Uphold Scripture as our absolute authority.
Accurately preach, teach and listen to scripture.
Live out Scriptural principles in our private and corporate lives.

The Gospel

Hold the Gospel as the central message of Scripture.
Understand and be able to present the clear message of the Gospel and of Biblical conversion.
Carry the message of the Gospel to Fresno, Clovis and the world individually and corporately.

The Body of Christ

Clearly communicate the expectations being a Christian, including privileges and responsibilities.
Equip all participants for ministry and service.
Build up, hold accountable and encourage each other in this church body.

Because we believe these principles, all member of Trinity SBC are committed to...

Being disciples and making disciples everywhere

Purpose & Process

Focused youth ministries is run through the collaborative efforts of students and adults guided by the single purpose of leading students to love God, love others and serve the world. This purpose also serves as the 3 step process through which we encourage students to grow in their spiritual life. Our leadership students and adults work together in the planning of programs designed to help students develop their spiritual focus on God through this 3 step process.